Review: Cloud Atlas (film)

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Review for Cloud Atlas (film)

"While my extensive experience as an editor has led me to a disdain for flashbacks and flash forwards and all such tricksy gimmicks I believe that if you, dear Reader, can extend your patience for just a moment, you will find that there is a method to this tale of madness."

I walked into the cinema for Cloud Atlas with low hopes. I'd attempted to read the book, by David Mitchell, the year prior and not progressed past page 3. I didn't have much hope for the film but I have a standing rule that any dystopia the Wachowskis produce or write that I will watch immediately.

While I walked into the cinema with trepidation, I walked out of the cinema a believer. Not often do I watch a film and, despite the time of day, want to watch it again immediately. The music, the special effects, the makeup.. even the shots of my current home city. They bring you into a world that is both past, present, future, and far future..

Cloud Atlas comprises six separate, but not distinct, time periods. The characters, themes, and birthmarks flow through one time period to another. It is nothing like anything you have seen. Yet, you should expect to be amazed, amused, and otherwise awestruck.

The Cloud Atlas book is now top of my to-read pile now because, as said very honestly by a certain character, "A half-finished book is, after all, a half finished love affair."