Review: Violet Eyes by Nicole Luiken

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Review for Violet Eyes by Nicole Luiken

"I was thinking that the scientists would be stupid to trust us if one of us is in their pay, because we'd be sure to double-cross them."

When I saw Violet Eyes on the bookshelf in Books-a-Million I was fourteen years old and killing time while my mother browsed the "true crime" section. I remember being intrigued - the colour of the cover was purple - and pulling it down to read a few pages. I then remember whining until I convinced my mother to buy it for me (sorry Mom!).

Violet Eyes is, of course, a dystopia. Imagine living on the equivalent of a play set - where the only constants in your life are yourself and your parents. The other details - what town/house you live in, where you go to school, who your friends are - change every other year.

And then imagine meeting someone living the same life as you.

And that, somehow, his eyes are the exact shade of violet as yours.

And that the world you're living in is nothing like it seems.

Violet Eyes is part-thriller, part-romance, and all dystopia. While the book is aimed at teenagers (12+) it has a mystery about it that can capture anyone into the world that is not quite like our own..